Disconnection from Nature reduces our child’s well-being: This illustrated book on Soils can re-establish the connection


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Did you know that the wild and wonderful world of soils beneath our feet can inspire our children to feel more connected to the Earth and the world around them? “If you think soil is only brown and boring, let us dig deeper for more of its story…” is the opening line of the Life Rocks interactive The Soil Book because it’s true! Most people think of soil as brown and dull until they dive into the topic of what lies beneath our feet. Do you want children to believe that soil is simply mundane and boring? Or do you want your children to be able to visualize the countless organisms that live beneath in their endless dance of life that provides all of the food and atmosphere that we have ever known? The Life Rocks Soil turns soils from the mundane into the magical.

Asher teaching at schools with Life Rocks Soil Resources

Interactive and science-based learning engages students more than other resources.

Because most soil life is microscopic, it can be hard to visualize or make interesting for children. Children need an introduction to this fascinating realm of soil to understand the importance of soil in our environment and its role in sustaining life. Children must know that it isn’t just the creatures that live on top of the soil that are important to life. The unseen and microscopic life underneath the soil's surface deserves our care and attention and makes our existence possible. Unfortunately, only a few great educational resources can help kids understand soils in a fun and interactive way, and The Soil Book by Life Rocks is one of those.

The Life Rocks, Soil Book takes children aged 3 – 12 on a magical, scientific, rhyming journey into the abundant life within the soil and is a perfect teaching aid in bringing soils to life. It is a perfect story to read to a class or as a bedtime story. Older children can use it as a reader as the rhyming style is appropriate for readers 8+. Teachers can use The Soil Book to help students discover the many organisms in the soil. The book contains color-ins in the back, links to interactive content, is scientifically accurate from the images to the language used, and stimulates love and awareness of soils in your children.

Parents and teachers need all the help they can get

Our other book, “Connecting Children to Nature: The Essential Guide for Parents and Teachers,” distills the philosophy, practice, and science behind Life Rocks. Connecting children to Nature is a great place to start for parents or teachers wishing to integrate more science and nature-based learning into their practices. It is full of accurate references and studies pointing to the benefits of interactive learning, nature-based interventions, and multi-modal learning methods. It is full of activities and ideas to bring more Nature and earth sciences into your home for education, child development, connection to the world, and fun! Connecting Children With Nature is a must-have for parents and teachers who know they must work with Nature and want the full download.

Connecting Children to Nature is also available in E-book form and can be read online or on a tablet or reader of your choice.

Life Rocks books are valuable resources for parents and educators who want to bring more Nature into their homes or classrooms. Our books will provide the tools and inspiration to create meaningful experiences between children and Nature. Stay tuned for our following three books, coming later in 2023: Crystals, Metals, and Trees!

Mother Tree artwork by Life Rocks artist Nicholas M.