Just as it takes a village to raise a child, it takes a dedicated team of passionate individuals to change the world.

We are a group of passionate individuals who are dedicated to the mission of Life Rocks. We are committed to creating meaningful experiences for children to connect with nature and the Earth sciences.

Meet our team

  • Asher Cloran

    Director of Life Rocks, Holistic Coach & Author

    Asher has cultivated skills in science, business, media, education and holistic health for the past decade. Asher wrote the book connecting children to nature: the essential guide to distill the Life Rocks philosophy. Asher combines his diverse skills to create valuable offerings and content. He also helps steer Life Rocks towards its mission and vision, through leading the core team and operations.

  • Jessie Wong

    Head of Communications

    Jessie has spent the last 10 years working in one of the top Public Health agencies in Australia. She has been involved in every step of the process of acquisition of government funds, to the research, development and implementation of large scale health education campaigns. She has a wide skill set in areas of communication, social marketing, evaluation reporting, product development, program development and community engagement.

  • Jabba Bowden

    Head of Life Rocks KIDS Media & Videographer

    Jabba is our in-house videographer and creator of the Youtube Kids channel. He is passionate about engaging children in the natural world through adventure, playfulness and a sense of childlike wonder. Over the last decade he has developed extensive experience in a Brand Design Agency, Creative Agency, and Digital Agency, including 3 years as Head of Digital for the Will & Woody Show, Australia's number-one commercial radio show where he revolutionised the radio game by creating viral videos for their 1.5 million person audiences across platforms.

  • Debra Cloran

    Editorial Director

    Deb has an extensive 30+ years of experience in media and communications roles for publishers, marketing companies and independent schools. Deb's editorial direction of our publications supports the team's aspirations and alignment to the Life Rocks mission and purpose. Deb's 20+ years working with children both at Steiner and conventional schools highlighted for her the imperative of nature play and immersion to balance the digitally driven world our children are inheriting. Contributing to the Life Rocks team is very close to her heart.

  • John Nguyen

    Life Rocks Ambassador, Marine Biologist & Head of Oceans Kit

    John worked as a researcher at one of the world's leading marine science research facilities. His curiosity for exploring the natural world and its interconnected intricacies led to the melding of his interests in microbiology and ocean life. His skills range from academic science inquiry, to broad scale viewing of global biological systems, and identifying the interplays between nature and humans.

  • Ella Henderson

    Life Rocks Ambassador & Environmental Scientist

    Ella started life on a farm, kindling her innate love and connection with the natural world. She has a professional background in environmental science, sustainability education and photography. When not off exploring far flung corners of the planet, she is busy building compost, growing veggies, making terrariums, dancing, philosophising and trying to find time to slow down, and tune into the natural rhythm of the planet.

  • Rynhardt Smith

    Life Rocks Ambassador, Web developer, Nanotechnology & Applied Sciences

    Driven by curiosity, I studied applied sciences, focusing on chemistry and nanotechnology. However, my passion for deeper understanding led me to explore activities like hiking, nature connection, and communal practices such as dance and AcroYoga. I also facilitated adults to reconnect and embrace their inner child. While developing skills in web development. Now at Life Rocks, I wear many hats, aiming to create spaces where children can learn and connect with nature.

As founder of Life Rocks, Geologist John Rowntree believes that, “to foster life-long curiosity and a healthy respect for planet Earth, we must cultivate a love for earth sciences in children through their earliest learning years.

In 2008, John established Life Rocks to develop multi-dimensional nature-based learning and play resources that would “fascinate and inspire creative thinking and leadership in fields of earth science for generations to come.

John Rowntree
Senior Advisor and Founder of Life Rocks