Modern treatment of water has it all wrong: here’s how to fix it


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For beings that are 70% water, our culture knows so little about water and its mysteries. Our ancestors from all over the world held sacred the life-giving spring water that flowed from the ground. Our modern culture instead treats our water with chemicals, irradiates it with UV, pumps it through old pipes and recycles it all over again. Humanity has not solved the 70 or so anomalies that are attributed to the mysteries of water. Water demonstrates more anomalies than any other element by far. We are told to believe that the newly altered tap water is safe and effective– yet is the treated tap water we drink really serving our health? Here is what we can do with our water to get closer to the source of real health. Firstly, let us debunk the apparent benefit of adding fluoride, chlorine, or any other chemical additive to our drinking water. No known, naturally occurring water contains the levels of fluoride or chlorine that modern tap water does. Yes, fluorine and chlorines exist in nature, but not in the high amounts and forms found in tap water. In fact, fluoride is not added to tap water in 97% of European countries. The Czech Republic stated that the use of fluoride was “uneconomical, unecological, unethical and physiologically risky”. So, if you live in a country still using fluoride and chlorine for “public health” it’s time to wise up like the Euro’s and remove these unnecessary, health-ruining compounds from your water. Here are some options for cleaning up your water: 1 – Buy a filter. Not all filters are made the same. Some filters, filter your whole property at the mains. Other filters sit on a benchtop, whilst others may just do the water from the kitchen sink. Be aware, though, that not all filters are equal, and many do not remove fluoride. To remove fluoride from your water, be sure to buy a filter that does. 2- Buy a reverse osmosis unit instead of a filter. Reverse osmosis creates pure h20 through evaporation. The problem with reverse osmosis is that it strips the water of all minerals. When your water is low in minerals, it will absorb minerals from your body to complete itself. Therefore, if you use Reverse Osmosis water, be sure to add some minerals. 3 – Spring water is as nature intended, and has some mineral content, without the harsh chemicals. There are enough functional spring water delivery services around to find a supplier near you. Ask the service about how they process the water or treat it. You will learn something about the source of your water in the process. Now, let's find out how to treat and use water properly. In “Water and its Memory”, Prof. Dr. Bernd Kröplin shows that water contains memory and experience, and will structure itself in accordance with whatever influences have impressed upon it. These scientists from Germany are but one group amidst great thinkers, ancient mystics and modern scientists who are unravelling the mysteries of water. What some of this great research points to is that we affect water through our actions and thoughts, and this has long-lasting impressions on the quality of the water. This quality, for better, or for worse, will impact all the processes in our body.

So what do we do about it? 1: Add natural sea salt to your water. Minerals are needed in water for cellular conductivity. Without minerals in water, the cellular communication in your body is slowed right down. A pinch or 2 of natural sea salt in a litre of clean water will do wonders for your hydration and health. Sodium helps the cells in the body control the balance of fluids. Remember this: Water with minerals in it, hydrates. Water without minerals, irrigates. 2: Love your water. Literally give thanks, appreciation and presence when you drink your water. Gratitude has profound benefits to our physiology, and we can program our water with gratitude. As we are 70% water, it’s about time our culture gave 100% more respect and attention to the water we rely on to live and still know so little about. Enjoy the refreshing mystery 3: We have had it drilled into us that ‘8 glasses a day’ is healthy, but evidently, having 8 glasses of fluoridated, chlorinated and mistreated water per day will have a long-term negative impact. But, the principle of hydration that underlies this idea, is a separate issue to the chemicals found in commonly available water. Hydration is necessary for the body to function in an optimal way; the balance of fluids and minerals in the body can drastically alter our stress levels and physiology. Yet, 8 glasses, or any other arbitrary figure given for the consumption of anything, ought to be eyed with caution. For instance, a person has a low thyroid, their body temperature is around 35.8 Celcius on average, and they are easily stressed and anxious, so are losing minerals faster than most people; can you imagine what would happen to this person if they drank 8 glasses of low mineral water? They will dilute the minerals in their body even further, and water, being a weak solvent, will pull minerals out of this person's body, depleting them further and lowering their body temperature further. Statements from European Health, water, & environment authorities on fluoride - Water, swelling, fatigue, pain and aging – Ray Peat - World in a drop -